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A collection of children's stories that I have written.​

Christmas Cookies

Best Christmas Ever

Riley was super excited. It was almost December, which meant that it was almost Christmas! He had noticed, however, that Tom wasn't joining in with conversations about all the cool toys Riley and his friends were hoping to get.

Why didn’t his friend seem excited about Christmas and all the toys he would get? Was everything with Tom okay?

This is a story about a little boy discovering for himself what really matters at Christmas: Family, friends, and kindness to others.

A Christmas bedtime story suitable for children aged 5–13 years old.

Olive Grove

Elsie Meets a Witch

Elsie and Arthur often go down the crooked path, into the old wood behind their little house. However one day, they come across an evil, old witch who lives deep in the woods. Will Elsie be brave enough, clever enough, and kind enough to save her brother from the witch?

This story is suitable for children aged 3-8

Eggs in a Basket

Buffy Bunny and the Easter Emergency

It’s Easter and the Easter Bunny is sick and cannot deliver all the Easter eggs! Luckily, his cousin Buffy Bunny volunteers to help and finds that being the Easter Bunny isn’t as easy as he thought.

A children's bedtime story suitable for ages 4-10 years old.


Not Right Now Emily

Emily’s mummy and daddy have just brought home her new baby sister. Emily is so excited to help, but all she keeps hearing is “Not right now Emily”. Poor Emily, isn’t there anything she can do to help her baby sister?

This story is suitable for ages 4-10.

Bathroom Tiles

Chester and the Travelling Toilet

Chester’s parents have just made him move house🏡 and he is not very happy about it😠. Whilst sulking about the situation, he makes an amazing discovery in the most unexpected place…..his toilet🚽!

This story is suitable for ages 4-10.

Christmas Gift

Buffy Bunny and the Big Christmas Mix-Up

Buffy Bunny is back and this time there's been a big Christmas mix-up. Buffy accidentally sets Christmas on a slippery slope, one that means his friends may not get the presents they wanted for Christmas, that is if they get any presents at all! Will Buffy be able to help Santa? You'll have to listen and find out.

This story is suitable for ages 4-10.


Buffy Bunny Goes to Easter Island

"Too much drama!" Buffy thought to himself. 

The last few holidays had been much too exciting, Buffy wanted to spend this Easter somewhere quieter where he couldn’t get into any trouble. Easter Island sounded like the perfect place to celebrate Easter. Surely he couldn’t get into any trouble on an island dedicated to Easter….could he? 🐰🗿

This story is suitable for children ages 4 - 10.

Quilted Elephant

The Elephant Upstairs

Luke lives in apartment 305 with his mum, his dad, and his new baby sister. One day, they start hearing loud noises coming from the upstairs apartment. These noises become a problem, as they keep waking up his baby sister. Luke decides he needs to do something about it, but he could never have guessed who, or what, he would find in apartment 405. 🐘

This story is appropriate for children aged 4 - 10.​


Buffy Bunny's New Zealand Adventure

Buffy Bunny has ended up in New Zealand! Check in with him as he writes a postcard to his friends and tells them about all the fun things he has been doing. 🐰🇳🇿

This story is suitable for children aged 4 - 10.

Misty Woodland

The Stone Goblins of Norden

Wilhelm lives at the base of the largest mountain in the land. When the sun is shining, he likes to play and go to school, or visit his papa who works up in the mines in the mountain. But! As soon as the sun starts to cast shadows across the land, Wilhelm and all the other people who live in his village must hurry back into their homes. If you get caught outside in the dark, you might fall prey to the stone goblins! When these little rock monsters attack the princess, putting her into a deep sleep, only Wilhelm can save her. Will he brave the mountain in the dark? ⛰️

This story is appropriate for children aged 5 - 12.

Purple Glow

Chloë’s Stars

Chloë lives in Newbury, England. Every night she looks out her window at her five stars. But one night, there are only four stars in the sky. Her daddy tells her it’s just behind a cloud, but Chloë knows better. She knows that something is wrong with one of her stars. But she could never have imagined that she would be the only one who could get it shining again. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

This story is suitable for children ages 4+

Cave Explorer

Ghost Cave

Ethern is a ghost. He lives in a cave. But he’s not a scary ghost, and his cave isn’t a scary cave. Ethern loves jokes, and all he wants to do is tell people his jokes. It doesn’t always go very well however. Poor Ethern. Will he ever find someone who will stay and listen to his jokes?

This story is appropriate for children aged 5 - 10.

Eating Puppy

Magical Marlow’s Marvelous Mutt Munchies

Lilly and Dean love their dog, David. Lilly enjoys looking after him and feeding him, even if it isn't a very exciting job. At least it wasn't, until one day when Lilly found a special bag of dog food in the cupboard. What happens when she feeds it to David?



The Princess and the Dragon

The queen desperately wanted a baby, so when she hears about a magical dragon who might be able to give her one she is overjoyed. Will the dragon give her a baby? What will the baby be like? You’d best take a listen and see…. 👸🏽🐲
This story is appropriate for children aged 5+